Emergency Procedures

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Cresap Inc. Emergency Procedures


In the event of a communications failure or other emergency at one or more Cresap Inc. locations, please follow the following instructions.  Please call only if it is necessary to access your account.

  1.  If you cannot reach your Cresap Inc. representative, contact our home office at 610-341-1320 or 1-800-760-3126.

  1. If you cannot reach our home office at the numbers above, you may contact one of the following individuals:

Marisa Gold
610-529-8871 (cell)
mgold@cresap.com (email)

Mark Cresap (Executive Representative)
610-529-8845 (cell)

Richard Hess
610-453-5630 (cell)

  1. If you cannot reach any Cresap Inc. personnel, you may contact our clearing firm directly.

Wells Fargo Clearing Services:  1-877 496 3221

Wells Fargo Clearing holds your account and will provide access to your account if Cresap Inc. notifies them of an emergency.  There may be an interval time between our declaration of an emergency and Wells Fargo Clearing’s activation of emergency account access, so please be patient.

You will be asked to verify your identity and you should, if possible, have a recent account statement available.  You may be limited to liquidation orders in certain classes of securities, or check processing.

Please only contact Wells Fargo Clearing if it is absolutely necessary.